About Nottinghamshire Reiki

“The Nottinghamshire Reiki and Meditation centre is a voluntary not for profit Centre. The main aim is to practicly demonstrate the huge benefits of Reiki and Meditation to people in our communities. By supporting us you also support our fund raising for the Marie Curie Charity” – Richard, Centre Manager

Reiki treatments are for specific healing or general relaxation and are individually tailored to the client’s needs and condition. This is the perfect way to spoil yourself.

80% of our new clients go on to learn Reiki for self healing and healing of their friends and family.

We teach Reiki Level I, II and III courses from the Japanese perspective where the attunement process, course information and techniques taught stem directly from Japan.We are more than happy to accept and retrain students and practitioners who have been trained in western reiki.

The Notts Reiki and Meditation owes its success to the friendly team of professionals, who create exclusive treatments, that are clear in their intent.  All our practitioners and teachers are fully trained and hold current Advanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.

Situated in a tranquil and private setting, the Nottinghamshire Reiki offers a comfortable and casual atmosphere in which to train & receive treatment. We spends quality time working with each client & student and the class to ensure that they understand and are confident with the knowledge.

Through instruction, hands on demonstrations, and supervised practice, each student grows in understanding and confidence.  Since its inception in 2013 the centre has attracted students from around the country to its comprehensive and insightful training and treatment..

Reiki is energy work and as such the centre offers an environment of positive and nurturing energy to immerse yourself in.  If you’ve been looking for “the” place to have reiki treatment, learn Reiki or advance your training to Master/Teacher, then you’ve found the right place!

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