April 5, 2019 Nottinghamshire Reiki

A Reiki Poem – From the Heart

REIKI- A key to oneness, a code to break all the dualities. A gentle Japanese healing technique to clear the blocks and ease all maladies. A way to meditate, intent love and then radiate.

From Choku- rei to See hei ki, where two meet to give birth to one universal ki ( energy).
Honsha ze shonen the love pours out from download idm kuyhaa within inviting the forces of Earth & heaven.
I have now found my spiritual path, a friend to guide, a heart to talk. It’s a beautiful journey of Reiki, which has helped me to heal and feel the love I couldn’t see.

The one great bright light, which has enlightened my mind, body & soul to think right.
I now have no fears, no stress & no pain, I have learned to be grateful after what I have gained. A treasure to cherish and to share with others, to see the love flowing from download photoshop cs5 full crack 64bit one heart to another.
All the barriers have now been lifted, I now feel blessed and ever so gifted.

A beautiful shrine of love and compassion, which has taught me to live in today only with no worries, no anger and no more regression.

❤️Love & Light – Raman J K❤️

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