April 5, 2019 Nottinghamshire Reiki

A Reiki Poem – From the Heart

REIKI- A key to oneness, a code to break all the dualities. A gentle Japanese healing technique to clear the blocks and ease all maladies. A way to meditate, intent love and then radiate

From Choku- rei to See hei ki, where two meet to give birth to one universal ki ( energy).
Honsha ze shonen the love pours out from within inviting the forces of Earth & heaven.
I have now found my spiritual path, a friend to guide, a heart to talk. It’s a beautiful journey of Reiki, which has helped me to heal and feel the love I couldn’t see.

The one great bright light, which has enlightened my mind, body & soul to think right.
I now have no fears, no stress & no pain, I have learned to be grateful after what I have gained. A treasure to cherish and to share with others, to see the love flowing from one heart to another.
All the barriers have now been lifted, I now feel blessed and ever so gifted.

A beautiful shrine of love and compassion, which has taught me to live in today only with no worries, no anger and no more regression.

❤️Love & Light – Raman J K❤️

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